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Getting State Tax ID Number or a Reseller Number

Posted by admin on July 15, 2013

State business setup

Getting your state tax ID number is relatively simple and should take no longer then a week to get. The first thing you need to do is locate your sates particular website. To do this go to Google and search out the name of your state plus government site.

After you have located your states website the rest is simple find the tab that’s says Business. After that look for something that says business setup, start a business, beginning a business,tax office number or new business ext.

From this point you will need to use common sense to find which links to click on the website to where you can finally fill out the paper work and submit.

When you are filling out the paper usually if you are a new business a sole proprietorship will suffice until you become a bigger company. Also the type of business you are going to be will either be a retail store meaning you buy wholesale and sell retail or a service.

After you do this which should only take about 30 mins. at most you will pay whatever small fee they have and then wait until they mail you your state tax ID number. With most states they send you the number through both email and a physical documentation through the post office.

Now you can call suppliers with the confidence knowing that you are a legit business. Many suppliers require this so get it done before calling or contacting any suppliers.
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